A gravestone, showing a list of numbers resembling an iTAN list, standing as a symbol for the demise of the iTAN procedures due to the PSD2 Open Banking regulations

iTAN – An Obituary

Here lies iTAN. 

On September 14th 2019, after a lingering and worsening case of backwardness, it passed away. It joined the likes of videotex and MeChip in the peaceful hereafter of online banking.

In its brief existence of only 14 years, iTAN has put its mark on the whole banking industry. And on myriads of printed lists. Precious times we have spent on its behalf, poring over papers, grubbing for that one golden number to get those funds transferred from our budget account to our savings account. 

But in the end, iTAN had trouble keeping a stiff upper lip in the face of all those hyperactive neo banking Millenials.

Farewall, iTAN. We will miss you.

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