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trimplement - Your Competent Partner

Our competencies are your benefits: trimplement has successfully acted as a technological partner for companies worldwide. The solutions we build fit the local market requirements and compliance processes precisely. Big payment company or SME, B2B or B2C – we enable fintech, in all directions.

On this page, you can read more about our Fintech Software Engineering and Payments Consulting offerings.

What we offer

Fintech Software Engineering

Over a decade of experience in financial services and software development finds an expression in our day-to-day business.
We offer a broad range of services for fintech companies:

Three small boxes, symbolizing the three enterprise products by trimplement.

Enterprise Products

The trimplement software platforms are made to be compatible with a great variety of business models and commercial infrastructures. Have a deeper look into the software solutions on the Product page.

Settle for…

  • Stable APIs allowing easy integration into your infrastructure
  • Battle-proven software which is used all over the globe
  • Flexible licensing models allowing you to set up the business you require
  • Automated testing environments
  • Continuous technical support
Two speech bubbles overlaying each other, symbolizing trimplement’s consulting service.


The trimplement experts provide architectural consulting and project management for fintech and online payment businesses.

Trust in…

  • Long-term experience in the digital financial business
  • Comprehensive domain knowledge (Payment Processing, Emoney licence requirements, Fraud/Risk Management)
  • Expertise in security and compliance processes (KYC, AML / CFT, PCI DSS) and local regulations
  • Agile development and project management expertise
  • Reliable, competent and approachable business partners
A stylized code editor, symbolizing trimplement’s software development services.

Software Development

The trimplement team provides full software engineering services, from development to testing, from deployment to maintenance.

Benefit from…

  • Usage of well-established technologies (e.g. Java 8, Spring, Hibernate,…)
  • Expertise in secure coding and data processing, guaranteed by yearly trainings
  • Automation based on modern technologies (e.g. Docker, Maven, Gradle, Jenkins, Flyway...)
  • Automated testing and code analysis (e.g. SonarQube)
  • Comprehensive domain knowledge in digital payment and blockchain technologies

Let’s Partner Up

Are you planning to launch a cryptoexchange? To equip a new SmartCar with payment applications? To build up a loyalty programme for a B2B brand? Or are we no way near your business idea? In any case, we want to hear about it. Let’s discuss how our software and consulting services can contribute.

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What we offer

Payments Consulting

With a wide network of payment industry professionals, trimplement offers hands on consulting around your payments operations, including:

  • Assessment of your payments setup from design to operations, including internal and external payments processes and cross-border transactions
  • Finding the best partners for payments processing and/or fraud management, and choosing the best suited payment methods for your business
  • A holistic analysis of payment related costs
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance for marketplaces, PSD2 or PCI DSS
  • Preparation of and support for PCI DSS audits, in collaboration with your commissioned QSAs
  • Strategy development and optimization of your digital transformation activities
  • External product ownership for your payments related projects
  • Design, optimization, assembly of
    • Checkout and conversion processes, applying latest insights on user behavior and preferences
    • Fraud management, from manual screening to highly automated decision processes applying machine learning technology
    • Marketplaces, with local or global scale and regulatory compliance
    • Subscription processes, across channels, with a high focus on churn prevention
    • Payments data analytics, evaluating existing data or setting up data warehouses
    • Reporting processes, making sure that both business and bookkeeping departments get their daily data in time

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Expertise To Share

Our office space unites software engineers and fintech experts of various talents under one roof. But they are not averse to a change of scenery once in a while, to share their knowledge. We offer workshops and training sessions in various software- and fintech-related fields.

A running track for 100 meter sprints, standing for agile software development figuratively.

Agile Software Development

Agile, iterative project management has some clear advantages over the Waterfall method. Our Scrum Master and certified LeSS practitioner is ready to fill you in on the advantages of this agile and holistic approach, so you can get your project off the starting blocks.

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Hands operating a laptop, which a mobile phone laying right next to it.

Android App Development

Mobile devices have become the number one medium to interact with online services. Yet developing apps for mobile involves very different challenges than developing for desktop operating systems. We're happy to share our experience in native Android (Java), iOS (Swift or Objective-C) or cross-platform (React Native).

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How we work

Development, Far and Wide

Travelling at the speed of data, we use modern tools to apply our know-how instantly in your software projects all over the world. We prefer this remote approach for it’s immediacy. It allows our software team to be highly available and efficient without additional travelling times to consider. When the nature of your project requires a developers presence on-site, we are ready to integrate external work periods into our employees schedules. We also provide exactly the right team for the right task. As a general line-up we set one of our solution architects to the task. They are your primary contact partner, translating the original vision into software and directing the software development team during implementation. It’s perfectly possible for you to deploy your own solution architects with trimplement providing the developers and vice versa. It’s the customer’s choice.

The Beat of the Scrum

Flexibility and solid project goals are not mutually exclusive. You just have to settle for the right workflow. We trust in the iterative Scrum method for managing the product development processes. Scrum is perfectly in line with our goals to keep our development teams manageable and produce as little overhead as possible. At the switchboard of this workflow sits our Scrum Master, who is in constant exchange with our customer. They coordinate the team efforts, supports our solution architects tie up working packages and facilitate bugfixing processes. The result is greater flexibility, while maintaining a good grip on the project. So why keep chasing Waterfalls?

You Build It, You Own It

We enable fintech – that means we are there, until it works. And you will see the progress: We are dedicated to continuously delivering, releasing every story once it is done and approved. You don’t have to wait for months for a big bang installation to be put out – smaller release packages are easier to review and less error-prone. This practice allows us to integrate feedback on bugs or new features, too. Instead of keeping separate development and quality assessment teams, we use the four-eye principle and automated QA and CI/CD processes.

Fintech Meetup Cologne

finfinity - Fintech Meetup by trimplement

The logo of finfinity, the regular fintech meetup organized by trimplement.

Our regular finfinity Meetup is a come-together for the fintech scene, where experts from the industry address up-to-date developments in digital finance.

More about finfinity Join finfinity at