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The enterprise software by trimplement forms the basis for a variety of emoney and cryptocurrency applications. Process, transfer and exchange digital currencies and tokens in the way your business requires it. From loyalty point programmes to payment processors to emoney-compliant wallet providers, from ingame monetization systems to SmartCity to P2P marketplaces – kick-off your financial business concept with our three reliable software platforms:

The circular logo of CoreWallet, the high-performance emoney management software by trimplement.


The high-performance emoney and virtual account management platform. Implement financial applications for online payment and digital money management within short time to market – all fitting to your unique business logic.

  • Efficient transaction management
  • Multi-currency support
  • Payment method abstraction
  • Customizable backoffice UI
  • Configurable account limits and fees
  • ...
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The arrow-shaped logo of CoreExchange, the white-label cryptocurrency exchange by trimplement.


The white-label cryptocurrency exchange. Run your own high-security trading platform for digital currencies and adapt it easily to the specific needs of your business, with flexible limits, fees, and KYC processes.

  • Pre-integrated blockchains
  • Multi-signature wallets
  • Easy inclusion of various cryptocurrencies
  • Payment routing optimization
  • Automated user notifications
  • ...
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The circular logo of balancr, the ready-to-use emoney solution by trimplement.


The ready-to-use stored-value solution.
Access scalable stored value management with our flexible API.
Lightweight and usable right out of the box.

  • Balance and stored value management
  • Sandbox testing environment
  • Flexible API
  • Historical transfer and balance data
  • Self service area with statistics and dashboard
  • ...
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Features to Trust In

In addition to the advantages listed above, all trimplement products present a comprehensive list of features and unique benefits for financial businesses:

  • Developed by experienced digital payment experts
  • High-security standards put in place by secure coding experts
  • Software based on state-of-the-art frameworks
  • Easy scalability
  • Fit for compliance (KYC, PCI DSS, PSD2...)
  • Encompassing support of payment options
  • Multi-currency support incl. virtual and crypto currencies
  • Public and back-office RESTful stateless APIs
  • Integration points for third party software
  • Automated test clients (Swagger)
  • Flexible licencing models
  • And much more...

Building on Firm Ground – the Benefits of trimplement Software

The digital fintech and payment industry evolves rapidly. Emoney and cryptocurrencies continue to become common assets in financial and commercial interactions.

Companies whose business case is build around digital payment and crypto face a number of challenges. The global regulatory landscape is becoming more complex, as is the set of features required in a successful products, primarily:

And that is just the tip of the iceberg: Building the software for emoney and cryptocurrency processing alone while taking individual local regulations into account is a huge undertaking.

The trimplement enterprise software solutions aim to help businesses to overcome such challenges. The software is the result of years of working in the fintech industry and consulting international online payment providers. Pick balancr or CoreWallet and receive all the basic building blocks and API docking points for building and enhancing your own emoney, virtual account management – fully functional and in a short time to market. Or settle for our CoreExchange crypto-trading software, which is usable right out of the box.

The trimplement APIs

All trimplement enterprise products are grounded in an API first architecture. As such they come with a number of RESTful APIs, with documentations based on Swagger tools. In the creation of our APIs we followed modern best practices. HTTP semantics, like put, post, delete and other methods, are fully supported, for example. In addition, filtering and sorting are available in most APIs.

More to our technologies can be found here

Use Cases

Our products enable you to access the whole range of fintech possibilities. Build up an account management system for your smart energy company. Manage customer payments and balances on your own crowd-investment platform. Track your costs in your personal finance management app. The trimplement software frameworks can be adapted easily to meet your unique business requirements.

CoreWallet: The Online Payment Checkout

With the CoreWallet, businesses can implement checkout processes for online shops and marketplaces, which are active in multiple countries. It’s easy to integrate various payment methods and use different currencies with CoreWallet. Besides relevant processes like settlements or billings, limits and fees can also be set for different countries, helping with different AML compliance regulations.

CoreExchange: The Crypto Trading Platform

CoreExchange was developed to allow businesses and financial institutions to offer crypto trading services. It comes with pre-integrated blockchains for four popular cryptocurrencies and ERC20 tokens. Expanding the software with new cryptocurrencies is easily possible.

balancr: The Reward Point System

For building a loyalty programme, tracking and spending reward points, the balancr API is the perfect solution. The software puts up customer wallets, to be filled with value-defined points. It’s able to execute transfers of these points and manage balances. Multi-account support within the wallets even allows running loyalty programmes with different kind of points or virtual coins at the same time.


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As an emoney software provider, we know: In fintech, standing still means stumbling over one’s own feet ultimately. We stay up-to-date on the hot developments in the financial industry. Discover use cases and insights into software development, payment and banking topics on our blog.

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