Strong Performance

CoreExchange's Main Features


CoreExchange integrates various blockchains to allow cryptocurrency topups and withdrawals. Four blockchains are supported right out of the box: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. Further blockchains can be integrated as desired.


Are you a regulated company dealing with FIAT money? CoreExchange offers you the full range of functions performing KYC processes while allowing you to determine flexible limits per user verification level as needed.

Payment Options

SEPA and MT940 bank transfers and PayPal are available right from the start as payment methods for topup or withdrawal of FIAT currencies. Other payment options can be integrated easily, due to a highly flexible payment method gateway abstraction.


CoreExchange leads the way to a custom-tailored cryptocurrency trading service. Payment transaction routing optimization ensures smooth transactions – one of many options for companies to easily optimize CoreExchange.


Developed by a team of secure coding experts, CoreExchange places the highest importance on security. Thus it comes with multi-signature wallets and supports two factor authentication to keep your users’ accounts safe and sound at all times.

Smooth Information

Automated user notifications keep the information flow in motion. All notifications are fully customizable. Customers can be informed every time a login into their account has been attempted – and that‘s just one example.


Launch In No Time

CoreExchange licensing is designed to get you started right away. We ask for half of the license price upon source code hand-over and the other half until go-live.

Please contact us for a product demo, quotes and more details on the licensing conditions.