Use cases

Ways you can use balancr

Personal Budget
Management App

For anyone who wants to build an application to track costs or for budget management, balancr provides the perfect infrastructure for storing your users' data.


If you are running a loyalty programme or thinking of setting one up, balancr can be used to track reward points and to overview how points each of your customers has earned.

Crowdfunding and
Social Payments

Want to incorporate crowdfunding or shared social payments into your product? It can be added based on top of balancr’s platform and enables your users to complete transfers between each other.

Virtual Currency
for Gaming Apps

If you’re a game developer who has incorporated virtual currency like game coins into your game – use balancr to keep track of the balance of all your players.

Vehicle Rentals
and Leasing

Whether you’re renting cars or leasing forklifts or diggers – balancr is ideal for storing how many kilometres were driven or how many hours a vehicle was rented for, and also for managing prepaid budgets.

Building a

For anyone building an online marketplace application or selling digital content like WordPress themes or stock pictures, balancr is a solution for managing your buyers and sellers accounts and transfers between them.


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